A little about me.

I’m a generalist developer, focused on the web and the front-end since 2017.

I plan, write about JavaScript, Django, and Python, document, administrate systems & projects, build beautiful user interfaces to go with easy user experiences, and self-host.
I also write my opinions and monthly reviews.

Currently running a close-knit social network and accepting request for invitations for a soon-to-be vetted, paid, well-moderated web development freelance community for Indians.

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Ru deserves a recommendation, but I’m unhappy as I write this because I fear it will lead to her moving away from my company for an amazing opportunity I can’t yet provide her with.

She considers herself a generalist, but the work you get from her would make you assume whatever aspect you had her working on was her specialty. She adapts to new technology with ease and hops in and out of different projects, in different languages, as if she had been working on them from day 1.

Not only that, but she can turn ugly projects into a work of art and complex projects into understandable projects, with detailed documentation.

If you take her away from me, I’ll hate you.

Joseph, Owner, OkayRelax

Ru has been an integral part of our development team, working tirelessly for excellence. She has proven her ability to think of best practice as well as applying herself as a developer and as to what is best for the user when reviewing UX and UI.

She is accurate with her timings and thorough with her questioning to make sure what she is working on is correct first time, and really embeds herself into the project goals.

Oh, and as for her work, it’s fantastic! She’s a great asset to have on the team!

— Spike Bowen, Senior Producer, Mediablaze

Ru has been a great help in fixing the mobile dashboard UI for Plausible Analytics. Now it all looks and works beautifully on all the different mobile devices. Thousands of people using the product now enjoy the work that Ru has done for us.

Marko Saric, Co-Founder, Plausible Analytics