A remote-first freelance developer focused on the web and the front-end since 2017. My pronouns are she/her.

What I do in my free time.

I’ve been blessed with a moderation role over at Fosstodon. I also manage SmallCamp as a more personal, closed-off social space. In addition, I also moderate a very small, regional, private space for queer people in India. Get in touch if this sounds like your thing.

I support Arsenal F.C. and that’s a big thing I look forward to the weekends for.

I’m pretty burned out with tech in general so self-hosting or coding projects outside of work hours is a rarity. Instead I try to be more IRL, which is definitely easier said than done. I’m currently learning to ice-skate, which is definitely fun (for now).

A quick note!

I don’t like revealing my full name online en masse. If you’re mentioning me on your website, just ‘Ru’ is fine and in fact, preferred. ☺️