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Hi, I'm Ru. I'm a web de­vel­oper with an in­ter­est in stan­dards, se­man­tics, se­cu­rity, de­sign, DevOps, and UX.
I also like to 🌅 watch sun­sets at sea, 🍵 have a warm cuppa to ease into my evenings, and oh - 🎶 add to my playlists on Spotify!

🌱 An open and healthy web.

You will of­ten find me work­ing on my site, some­thing I con­sider an in­for­mal par­tic­i­pant in the Small Web.”

The web, in fact, has lost its way. Here's some of the things I'm do­ing to re­store bal­ance:

  • 🤓 Participate on the IndieWeb: This en­ables an in­de­pen­dent so­cial web with­out a huge/​cool/​new so­cial net­work sit­ting in be­tween.
  • 🐢 Build for the av­er­age user: I'm (slowly) work­ing on a Micropub client for the IndieWeb named Celestial — a CMS of sorts based on open stan­dards.
  • 🚪 A safe space to talk: I run a nascent Hometown com­mu­nity named SmallCamp. If you're a friend, just ask for an in­vite on my Mastodon. We en­cour­age hon­est toot­ing, good or bad — away from un­eth­i­cal al­go­rithms and ad­ver­tis­ments.
  • 👥 As a de­vel­oper, be re­spon­si­ble to all users: I try and find a bal­ance, where pos­si­ble, with just se­man­tic & ac­ces­si­ble HTML as well as CSS. JavaScript, then, be­comes a sprin­kling on top.

👋 Work with me.

I'm avail­able to work full-time from . I am cur­rently avail­able for part-time (~10-12 hours/​week) en­gage­ments.

Should you be keen on hav­ing me on a con­tract, or a con­tract-to-hire role, it's worth go­ing through my port­fo­lio and drop­ping me a line sub­se­quently.