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Hi, I'm Ru. I'm a web de­vel­oper with an in­ter­est in stan­dards, se­man­tics, and good user ex­pe­ri­ences. I'm cur­rently ex­plor­ing min­i­mal­ism in my work.
I also like to spend time at 🌊 sea, have 🍵 a warm cuppa to ease into my evenings, and oh - I'm al­ways look­ing to add to my playlists on 🎶 Spotify!

🌱 An open and healthy web.

You will of­ten find me work­ing on my site — be­cause there's no bet­ter joy 🥳 than hav­ing a space on the in­ter­net that's truly your own.

In fact, many peo­ple ar­gue the web has lost its way. In my per­sonal ca­pac­ity, here's some of the things I'm do­ing to be a part of the so­lu­tion and help:

  • My web­site par­tic­i­pates on the IndieWeb. This en­ables a so­cial web with other IndieWeb folks with­out an ephemeral silo in be­tween — such as Facebook or Twitter. Remember MySpace?
  • I'm 🐢 (slowly) work­ing on a Micropub client for the IndieWeb named Celestial. Think of it as a CMS, but based on open stan­dards.
  • I run a nascent com­mu­nity named SmallCamp. If you're a friend, just ask for an in­vite! We en­cour­age hon­est toot­ing, good or bad — away from un­eth­i­cal al­go­rithms and ad­ver­tis­ments.

🌏 Giving back.

As some­one who wants to pro­vide value to the com­mu­nity from my ex­pe­ri­ences, I have au­thored and main­tain a hand­book for free­lancers in India.

I'm in­ter­ested in pro­vid­ing a bet­ter on­line pres­ence to those who run a non-profit in the do­main of:

  • pub­lic pol­icy,
  • gen­der equal­ity, and,
  • any­thing that ben­e­fits or im­ple­ments the prin­ci­ples of democ­racy.

If this is you, please get in touch — I'll be happy to dis­cuss a cut-rate for my ser­vices.

🤹 Lean. Maintainble. Longevous.

I've re­cently taken an in­ter­est in The Lean Web, a set of prin­ci­ples laid out neatly by Chris Ferdinandi.

I do not pur­port to be an ex­pert in all-things-vanilla. That said, I'm cur­rently work­ing through a chal­lenge called JavaScript30 to bring my vanilla JavaScript skills up to speed.

Anyhow, if this aligns with what you're look­ing for, it might be a good idea to speak with me. I would be hon­ored to pay my bills by learn­ing and writ­ing qual­ity code — one that's au­thored for the long haul.

👋 Work with me.

I'm avail­able to work with from May 2021.

Should you be keen on hav­ing me on a con­tract, or a con­tract-to-hire role, it's worth go­ing through my port­fo­lio and drop­ping me a line sub­se­quently.