The UI is the best part of the stack.

I think I’m slowly coming to the realization that I don’t like much of the stuff I thought I would…? For me, the user-facing layer of the web is where it’s at. The UI is the best part of the stack.

While it is indeed amazing being well-versed with the whole stack, back-end and beyond, I find it exhausts me much more for some reason. It’s not a visual medium for me, and that’s what I really enjoy. I think?

I’ve been building an API at work, interacting with a database, helping around with sysadmin tasks and so on.

I’ve felt a hint of joy maybe one week in the last four: and it was when I worked on the UI. Unfortunately, that was and will be Angular (and that means back-of-the-frontend material). Even so, it was capable of giving me that little joy.

Carles’ toot surfaced on my feed today and is perhaps very pertinent to this emotion:

I don’t know about you, but I feel that as a programmer there’s more and more stuff I have to know about every year. Sometimes I’m more blocked by everything surrounding code (the containers, the vpn, the whatever thing this is i had never heard about before, the config of who knows what) than the code itself and what i’m trying to solve there. It’s exhausting.

Carles Jove i Buxeda

Even if I take two days completely off (the weekend), I still feel burned out during the week. Perhaps the pandemic is also playing a part here.

Wishing I could take a long vacation away from all code and all tech, right about now.

This is Day 017 in my 100 Days To Offload.