Shutting down my Gitea server.

I spoke about demoting my Gitea server recently.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t reduce my maintenance headache all that much… I still have to set up mirrors each time I make a new repository, make backups of the server, keep the software up to date for security reasons, and sync the backups off-site. And, of course, the software continues to take away from the limited resources that my VPS has. Maybe not a lot, but something all the same.

My not using it actively is not enough — I must shut it down. Completely.

Jose Diaz-Gonzalez authored python-github-backup, which does the trick for me — it is extremely low maintenance and the data formats are very usable. It’s also easy to set up a cronjob for this kind of thing, and the package offers an incremental backup option. now redirects to my GitHub.

This is Day 024 in my 100 Days To Offload.

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