4 of 8.

My thoughts on trying to build a getting-up-from-my-desk-regularly habit.

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Since getting the Fitbit, I’ve been trying to walk 250 steps or more every hour. It pings me 10 minutes before an hour is to finish if I haven’t already completed my 250+ steps.

Looking at my weekly averages, there are of course good weeks (5 of 8 hours on an average per day) and then there are bad weeks (2-3 of 8 hours on an average per day). I’ve been trying to build this habit for a really long time now.

I can start the day with a lot of determination, but something or the other during the work day stops me from “getting up.” Sometimes I’m so engrossed in my work that I don’t even remember the device vibrating to let me know I need to get up.

I try to listen to it, yes, but I probably need to do more. I don’t think I’ve ever had a day that was 8 of 8.

Still, this is infinitely better than my previous lifestyle. It’s a step up (that is an intentional double pun and I’m proud of it). I’ll take it.


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