A new blog category named ‘Draft’ — but why?

How and why I ended up starting to publish draft blog posts on my site.

Recently, I took up a WordPress project.

Not being as experienced with the CMS when it comes to theme development, I was fairy well expecting to put in extra unpaid hours as well as a lot of sifting through the WordPress Codex and searching Stack Overflow and its sister sites for common issues/confusing parts of WordPress.

And that did happen. A lot of it.

Just to give you one example… I was unsure of the differences between term_taxonomy_id and term_id — and which one to use when!

Upon searching… I chanced upon this blog entry by Sal Ferrarello – which happened to be a “draft” post.

Curious, I followed their instructions and discovered something I have been struggling a lot with – not publishing blog posts because they were incomplete, not proof-read, and so on; blog posts that might be beneficial to others, or oneself if not anyone else, but were just lying in the _drafts directory of my Jekyll site (or your equivalent).

You can read their original blog post here.

You can find all my draft posts here. They do not show up on the main blog page – but I’m debating if they should! Since, of course, I have a fair caution displayed anyway…

Last updated on 23 September 2021.


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