🌿 About

I’m Ru. My pronouns are she/her.

I’m a web developer with an interest in open standards, user interface & design, system administration/developer operations, user experience, and documentation.

When away from my laptop, I like to watch πŸŒ… sunsets at sea, and have a 🍡 hot cuppa to ease into my evenings — much more so if it’s raining! 🌦

You can find me elsewhere on the internet if you’d like.

I support a healthy internet.

It is my belief that the web has lost its way. Here’s some of the things I’m doing to bring more balance, and hopefully, this inspires you to do the same!

πŸ‡ Open protocols and decentralization.

I use XMPP for instant messaging. Yes, I do use other centralized protocols, but you know what? Baby steps.

For microblogging, I use ActivityPub based software — Mastodon as well as Hometown. These are alternatives to Twitter.

My blog itself has RSS feeds that you can follow anywhere, and read everything in full. No questions asked.

I self-host a Gitea instance where most of my code is available.

πŸšͺ A safe space to talk.

I run a nascent Hometown community named SmallCamp. If you’re a friend, feel free to ask for an invitation on my Mastodon, on XMPP, or on email.

As a community, we encourage honest tooting, positive or negative — away from unethical algorithms and advertisements.

πŸ‘₯ Be responsible to all users.

As a developer, I have tremendous control in things I work on, over what you as a user see. I try and find a balance, where possible, with just semantic & accessible HTML as well as CSS. JavaScript, then, becomes a sprinkling on top.

πŸ’Έ Financially support other projects.

My donations to date include:

Snikket1 USD
Matthias Pfefferle (author of a WordPress ActivityPub plugin)150 INR
Dino150 INR
Patrick Goldinger (author of FlorisBoard)150 INR