I'm Ru.

I'm a web developer with an interest in open standards, good security practices, design, DevOps, and UX.

You will often find me working on my site, something I consider an informal participant in the "Small Web." I also like to watch sunsets at sea, and have a hot cuppa to ease into my evenings, more so if it's raining! 🌦

I support an open and healthy web.

It is my belief that the web has lost its way. Here's some of the things I'm doing to bring more balance.

Participate on the IndieWeb 🤓

IndieWeb enables an independent social web without a huge/cool/new social network sitting in between.

Build for the average user 🐢

I'm (slowly) working on a Micropub client for the IndieWeb named Celestial -- a CMS of sorts based on open standards.

A safe space to talk 🚪

I run a nascent Hometown community named SmallCamp. If you're a friend, just ask for an invite on my Mastodon. We encourage honest tooting, good or bad -- away from unethical algorithms and advertisements.

As a developer, be responsible to all users 👥

I try and find a balance, where possible, with just semantic & accessible HTML as well as CSS. JavaScript, then, becomes a sprinkling on top.