What I Self-Host

Stuff I self-host. Because I'm poor. Jokes, jokes. Or is it?

Currently Self-Hosted

  • Miniflux

    Miniflux is a min­i­mal­ist and opin­ion­ated feed reader.

  • linkd­ing

    Self-hosted book­mark ser­vice

  • Indiekit

    An IndieWeb pub­lish­ing toolkit

  • Guest Comments API

    A sim­ple Express API writ­ten in TypeScript for guest com­ments on my sta­tic site @ rus­ingh.com.


  • Plausible an­a­lyt­ics

    Plausible is a light­weight and open-source web­site an­a­lyt­ics tool. It doesn’t use cook­ies and is fully com­pli­ant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

  • Matrix

    An open net­work for se­cure, de­cen­tral­ized com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

This page was last up­dated on 13 August 2020.