April 2022 in review.

Time is literally just flying… Nothing special happened this month, I think.

I moved from @celia to @ru on Fosstodon. This was a “soft” move as I did not move my followers like people normally do when shifting to a new Mastodon account. Later in the month, I was also promoted to a moderator on the community, almost overlapping a huge surge of Twitter folks looking to leave that site.

I’m back at home for a while; and it’s finally good to have a desk and a chair again. I spent about ~1.5 months working outside or from my bed — and neither are great. The desk or the chair is not the fanciest but they do the job and my back is thankful.

I’m trying to be a little healthier so I bought a Fitbit and track my steps and my sleep (which is usually… bad). Sometimes I use Seven to get some exercise in as well. There’s more space here to do these things unlike in a major metro city, so that’s nice.

In other unrelated news… been feeling bad about my iPhone purchase. It is very expensive. I wonder if I would have been just as happy with an Android flagship that cost half this? Of course I didn’t like the size of anything that the Android industry puts out (including Pixel 6 variants, which haven’t even made their way to India yet).

Right, I’m rambling now. Like I said, nothing much happened this month. See you next time!


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