Inspired by Chris Wiegman and not having much else to do while I’m at home before my next move, I decided to start walking every day. It really helps that all I need to do is put my phone in my pocket/hand and start walking on the terrace.

Bigger cities don’t have the luxury of space.

Yesterday was a marvellous 5800 steps. Today finished at 3700 steps. You know what? It’s a hell lot better than my sedentary and deeply unimpressive 1000 to 2500 steps per day otherwise.

None of this is accurate since I don’t wear a fitness band. The trend is enough to, well, signal a change. That’s all that matters.

That said, saw this floating around the Fedi:

Comic by Sarah Arnold-Hall titled ‘Showing up daily.

Pertinent. Going to keep this in mind. It also describes pretty well the last few months @ work. Good days, bad days… but I’ve tried to show up as much as I could have.


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