Archived Notes

Personal notes and replies to var­ied top­ics and users on the IndieWeb. I no longer pub­lish these and have switched to writ­ing notes.

  1. Honestly, I'm start­ing to en­joy #writing more and more as I start to let go of all the in­fra­struc­ture un­der­neath. Taking care of all the tech­ni­cal things and SEO is great — but it's easy to get lost in the tin­ker­ing and for­get the real #motivation all along. To write, and to write well!

    That said, there is a lot more set­ting up to do. I re­mind my­self con­stantly it can wait. 🌻

    #perspective #staticsites #ssg

  2. Urge to clean my phone - what­ever that means. Feels like #privacy and up­keep fa­tigue. Sigh.

    Sometimes I just want to earn good money to spend on an #Apple ecosys­tem - and for­get pri­vacy is a fight that must be fought.

  3. Looking for a course on #React #Hooks - any #recommendation?

  4. Battled #React hooks, switched my one and only com­po­nent back to class de­f­i­n­i­tion. It took me <1min to con­vert it, <2mins to fix the is­sue! End of day, it works. Clearly, I'm not there yet with the #hooks way of think­ing.

  5. in-re­ply-to:

    […] The Ubuntu dark mode looks great, but there are some UI el­e­ments that don’t re­spect it, so you end up with white win­dows and pop­ups oc­ca­sion­ally. […] Ubuntu 20.04 oozes pol­ish every­where. The Yaru theme is gor­geous and was a des­per­ately needed up­date in my opin­ion. I will be keep­ing this in­stall on my lap­top – I’ve no rea­son to go back to Pop! OS at this point. […]

    Authored by Kev Quirk


    For as long as I have a lap­top with an Nvidia graphic card, I'm still go­ing to stick with Pop!_OS. The bat­tery life/​power man­age­ment is ex­cel­lent out of the box and switch­ing be­tween the dif­fer­ent graphic modes just works. As my pri­mary and only com­puter, I value both these as­pects. Pop!_OS has de­liv­ered in the past and I have no doubt it will con­tinue to do so.

    I have also found it to be more pol­ished than Ubuntu. It in­cluded a well-tested dark theme (toggled through Tweaks) start­ing way back from 18.04. I hope Ubuntu will fix the UI dis­crepen­cies in their dark mode.

    Looking for­ward to their up­grade to 20.04. It re­leases on April 30. 🙂

  6. Shifted from #NetlifyCMS to #Forestry - the UX for ini­tial setup just works & the UI+UX for the #CMS is night and day. Build pre­views are in­cred­i­bly fast, wast­ing just a frac­tion of the free-tier build time quota on #Netlify. Lovely prod­uct and has my full #recommendation.

  7. In my lat­est #blog, I write why I feel #motivated to #write more, and why you should too! Check it out @ https://​rus­​blog/​2020/​04/​25/​keep­ing-blog-very-good-idea/

  8. in-re­ply-to:

    I’d love to hear your thoughts, prefer­ably by way of re­ply on your own, IndieWeb en­abled blog. 🙂

    Authored by Kev Quirk


    Kev re­cently shared on his blog why he has a blog. #meta :)

    I felt it was def­i­nitely an in­ter­est­ing tim­ing as I had pre­pared a draft just a day be­fore on this ex­act topic, ex­plain­ing my rea­sons. I, how­ever, needed time to proof-read and make in­cre­men­tal im­prove­ments to my con­tent.

    Now that it's pub­lished, you can take a look here.

  9. I've cer­tainly hit my limit with #IndieWeb. I quikly re­al­ized that the #UX for likes/​replies etc. is just not there yet.

    My us­age of IndieWeb will be lim­ited to syn­di­cat­ing my orig­i­nal notes to Fosstodon and Twitter, and re­ceiv­ing top-level com­ments on my blog and notes through other IndieWeb sites, Fosstodon, and Twitter.

    Essentially: bar­ring post­ing of orig­i­nal con­tent (which will POSSE from my site), I'm go­ing to stick with the re­spec­tive web in­ter­faces. Blog post soon.