I’m strip­ping out cat­e­gories. On my blog, I had a two-tier cat­e­go­riza­tion scheme for ar­ti­cles. Broad top­ics called cat­e­gories; and smaller, spe­cific top­ics called tags. A topic on JavaScript might be cat­e­go­rized as JavaScript and tagged as se­cu­rity, es6, and so on.

This was very cum­ber­some to main­tain not just as an ed­i­tor, but also as a de­vel­oper. So I de­cided to take a look at my Plausible an­a­lyt­ics and find out if any­one had ever even vis­ited a cat­e­gory page. Turns out… not a sin­gle visit! Tags? Yes. Categories? No.

In this process, I re­al­ized many of my ar­ti­cles also had the same cat­e­gory and tag - for ex­am­ple, 11ty, or JavaScript.

A de­ci­sion was made to re­move cat­e­gories en­tirely from my site. Now I just use tags, and use 11ty’s in built meth­ods for tags as op­posed to main­tain­ing my own. After all, that is the whole point of us­ing an SSG built and main­tained by some­one else.