If you’ve been around here some time, it should­n’t be a sur­prise I’m a big fan of pri­vacy-friendly ser­vices. However, in this pur­suit, I have of­ten found that there’s far too much ef­fort in­volved - to the point where it hurts your pro­duc­tiv­ity and calm of mind.

I was us­ing con­tain­ers ex­ten­sively on my Firefox. Facing is­sues with bank redi­rects and OAuth lo­gins of­ten meant I would open up the BitWarden AppImage , a pri­vate Firefox win­dow, and re­peat every­thing. This is in ad­di­tion to a small lag while open­ing and clos­ing con­tainer tabs.

I now use Multi-Account Containers very min­i­mally - only to con­tainer­ize Facebook and Instagram, and a spare Personal con­tainer in ad­di­tion to the non-con­tained browser mode.

Similarly, as a user of Cookie AutoDelete, I ad­justed and in­creased the time cook­ies and lo­cal­stor­age are re­tained from 15 sec­onds to 30 sec­onds to help with open­ing re­cently closed tabs as well as OAuth lo­gins that hap­pen to take longer some­times.

I also found my­self to be a lot more pro­duc­tive with Notion than I have ever with Standard Notes. However, I still use SN as my pri­mary note tak­ing app and trust it far more than I ever will Notion. Remember Evernote?

My con­clu­sion: every­one needs to draw their own lines as to how far they are will­ing to com­pro­mise their speed, pro­duc­tiv­ity and, peace of mind for pri­vacy. Realize that any­one shout­ing down at you for not be­ing an ab­solute pri­vacy tank is com­ing from an ex­treme and, in cer­tain cases, un­healthy po­si­tion. Everyone’s threat model and mo­ti­va­tion is unique.