I reĀ­cently set up an acĀ­count on Hetzner - thanks Jan-Lukas Else! Their pricĀ­ing is much more afĀ­fordĀ­able than Digital Ocean or Linode over the course of 12 months for someĀ­one payĀ­ing in INR. I might acĀ­tuĀ­ally go someĀ­where with this, not sure yet.

Today, all I did was lock down the VPS, set up Nginx and aim to get an A (or above) ratĀ­ing on Mozillaā€™s Observatory. That went well, even though it took about 2 to 3 hours! šŸ˜€

My staĀ­tic site (the one youā€™re readĀ­ing!) runs on Vercel and scores an abysmal D on the Observatory. I have opened a reĀ­quest on their disĀ­cusĀ­sion board to posĀ­siĀ­bly get an imĀ­proved ratĀ­ing from the get-go for all sites.

Update (2020-07-02): Fixed links.