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  1. Benchmarking JavaScript: is removeChild faster than innerHTML given thousands of DOM elements?

    Motivated by a type ahead challenge in JavaScript30, I explore if removing 2500 DOM nodes is more performant using Element.removeChild or Element.innerHTML. Interesting exercise and results!

  2. Eleventy: how to exclude draft collection items from build programmatically

    With its 0.11.0 release, Eleventy offers a powerful feature. Let's see how to exclude draft collection items from build output in Eleventy programmatically, using eleventyComputed.

✨ Recent Articles

  1. Deleting my DEV and Pixelfed accounts.

    Why I have left DEV and deactivated my Pixelfed account.

  2. Markdown appreciation post, because it ages like wine.

    I've used a ton of blogging software over the years. The one thing that's given me very little pain: file-based storage, or more specifically, Markdown files.

  3. Cutting down: say hello to ES modules on this site!

    I'm pretty happy with all the background work that's been happening in getting this site to depend on fewer and fewer moving parts and external dependencies. I detail some more of the recent work done.

  4. More thoughts on and progress with Gitea.

    My progress on... making sense of Gitea, and continuing to move out of the GitHub ecosystem.

  5. A wild bash script appeared! Or, in other words, I no longer use Forestry.

    Kev Quirk recently tried and decided it was not for him. This reminded me it's been a while I used it at all. Here's the little bash script I use instead.

  6. Why aren't four-day work weeks normal yet?

    Looking back on how much I enjoyed four-day work weeks and wondering why they aren't the norm yet.

  7. Mozilla has given me one reason to use Chrome on mobile.

    With its v85 release, Mozilla has announced they are removing support for PWAs.

  8. Docker outside of Docker (DooD)

    While I get my fair share of Docker learning done via self-hosting, I've also been acquiring new knowledge at work recently. One of these new bits is Docker-outside-of-Docker (DooD).

  9. GitHub to Codeberg to... Gitea?

    Quick thoughts on why I set up a Gitea server of my own and if it's time to look to more open/standards-based collaboration tools.

  10. Simplifying my site.

    Been spending some time doing some New-Year-cleanup on my site. The end-goal is to keep the codebase lean and maintainable. Here's the lowdown...