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  1. Eleventy: how to ex­clude draft col­lec­tion items from build pro­gram­mat­i­cally

    With its 0.11.0 re­lease, Eleventy of­fers a pow­er­ful fea­ture. Let’s see how to ex­clude draft col­lec­tion items from build out­put in Eleventy pro­gram­mat­i­cally, us­ing eleven­ty­Com­puted.

  2. Thank you, Next! Moving from Google to NextCloud for my con­tacts & cal­en­dar.

    A per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence of a GNOME and Android user mov­ing from Google to a hosted NextCloud in­stance for im­proved pri­vacy of her con­tacts and cal­en­dar.

  3. Make your RSS feed dis­cov­er­able to feed read­ers

    How to add the nec­es­sary meta tag to make auto dis­cov­ery of RSS/Atom feeds pos­si­ble.

  4. Configure git to use a spe­cific SSH key for a repos­i­tory per­ma­nently

    How to con­fig­ure git to use a spec­i­fied SSH key for a repos­i­tory. Details a work-around in case of con­flicts with your SSH con­fig.

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  1. I talk about lig­a­tures in ty­pog­ra­phy and why I had to dis­able them on my site.


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  2. Intriuged by the ‚ÄėComments‚Äô links I kept see¬≠ing on some en¬≠tries in my feed reader, I added one for my ar¬≠ti¬≠cles. In the process, I moved to RSS 2.0 feeds. Here‚Äôs why and my thoughts on the move.


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  3. Seeing as I wrote about mov­ing to Vivaldi, Brave, and then back to Vivaldi, it’s only fair I write about my story be­hind the move back to Firefox.


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  4. What is JSDoc, and how you can use it to de­scribe your JavaScript code to make use of your IDE.


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  5. When Vivaldi fails to check all boxes, Ru con­tin­ues her find-a-browser jour­ney. She ex­plores Brave as an al­ter­nate to Firefox - will this be the one?


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  6. Upset with Firefox’s per­for­mance, I de­cided to trial other browsers on the mar­ket. Here’s my ex­pe­ri­ence with Vivaldi af­ter hav­ing used it for 2 days.


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  7. Update on mov­ing from JavaScript to mark­down pro­cess­ing for safe ex­ter­nal links, and my ex­pe­ri­ence pub­lish­ing a mod­i­fied pack­age on npm.


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  8. Steps de­tail­ing how I as a front-end dev se­cure my cloud VPS - SSH con­fig­u­ra­tion, NGINX, and more!


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  9. Why I’m go­ing to pay for an­a­lyt­ics, and why I chose Plausible.


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  10. Becoming frus­trat­ing my­self re­cently, I de­tail what I learnt about how npm han­dles <1.0.0 pack­age re­leases.


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