This is an old post. Information here may be out-dated, or the post may re¬≠Ô¨āect opin¬≠ions or be¬≠liefs I no longer share.

My re¬≠la¬≠tion¬≠ship with Google Photos has been am¬≠biva¬≠lent. I loathed it, then used it as my backup tool while third-party gal¬≠leries from the Play Store were a main¬≠stay, and Ô¨Ā¬≠nally — Photos won me over.

I had to delete all my Gmail at­tach­ments and empty my Drive stor­age to sal­vage as much as of the 15 GB free stor­age al­lowance as I could for Photos ex­clu­sively.

Then, I found prob­lems with Photos in its very early days as my pri­mary gallery and backup tool.

  • One can¬≠not add more than 500 pho¬≠tos at once to an al¬≠bum. However, through mulit¬≠ple 500-strong ad¬≠di¬≠tions to the same al¬≠bum, one can al¬≠legedly keep up to 1500-2000 pho¬≠tos in an al¬≠bum. Personally, I have not reached that num¬≠ber, yet.
  • One can¬≠not add more than 1500 pho¬≠tos at a time to a shared al¬≠bum. Long fam¬≠ily va¬≠ca¬≠tions can sur¬≠pass this limit with some de¬≠gree of ease.
  • Bulk se¬≠lect is ex¬≠cel¬≠lent — bulk de-se¬≠lect is miss¬≠ing al¬≠to¬≠gether. This only be¬≠comes a prob¬≠lem be¬≠cause Photos has lim¬≠its on ad¬≠di¬≠tion to al¬≠bums at once (500).
  • Device Folders on your phone can¬≠not be seen like so from the web app. They ap¬≠pear in Photos‚Äô time¬≠line it¬≠self, with¬≠out any dis¬≠tinc¬≠tion from the other reg¬≠u¬≠lar pho¬≠tos. No, Google.
  • Even some¬≠thing as sim¬≠ple as hid¬≠ing pho¬≠tos needs a workaround, as demon¬≠strated by How-To Geek.

Cleaning thou¬≠sands of pho¬≠tos across Ô¨Āve years was a pain given these short¬≠falls. I hope there are so¬≠lu¬≠tions sooner rather than later, though the signs are not en¬≠cour¬≠ag¬≠ing if you head over to Google‚Äôs Product Forums.