This is an old post. Information here may be out-dated, or the post may re­flect opin­ions or be­liefs I no longer share.

Recently, I took up a WordPress pro­ject. Not be­ing as ex­pe­ri­enced with the CMS when it comes to theme de­vel­op­ment, I was fairy well ex­pect­ing to put in ex­tra un­paid hours as well as a lot of sift­ing through the WordPress Codex and search­ing Stack Overflow and its sis­ter sites for com­mon is­sues/​con­fus­ing parts of WordPress.

I was un­sure of the dif­fer­ences be­tween term_taxonomy_id and term_id –- and which one to use when! Upon search­ing… I chanced upon this blog en­try by Sal Ferrarello - which hap­pened to be a draft” post.

Curious, I fol­lowed their in­struc­tions and dis­cov­ered some­thing I have been strug­gling a lot with - not pub­lish­ing blog posts be­cause they were in­com­plete, not proof-read, and so on; blog posts that might be ben­e­fi­cial to oth­ers, or one­self if not any­one else, but were just ly­ing in the _drafts di­rec­tory of my Jekyll site (or your equiv­a­lent).

You can read their orig­i­nal blog post here.

You can find all my draft posts here. They do not show up on the main blog page - but I’m de­bat­ing if they should! Since of course, I have a fair cau­tion dis­played any­way…