I come across many wonĀ­derĀ­ful deĀ­velĀ­opĀ­ers runĀ­ning their own blogs and hostĀ­ing an RSS or Atom feed. Adding them to my feed reader (plug for Miniļ¬‚ux) is a quick and easy way for me to folĀ­low their conĀ­tent, as well as reĀ­mind myĀ­self to keep pushĀ­ing forĀ­ward in my own caĀ­reer.

One such deĀ­velĀ­oper clearly adĀ­verĀ­tised an RSS feed. However, I was quite surĀ­prised to ļ¬nd that Miniļ¬‚ux didĀ­nā€™t pick it up on its own. The feed was hosted at the usual susĀ­pect loĀ­caĀ­tion: /feed.xml.

Upon furĀ­ther inĀ­vesĀ­tiĀ­gaĀ­tion, it turned out that the deĀ­velĀ­oper had missed out on adding a meta tag that Miniļ¬‚ux, and probĀ­aĀ­bly other feed reader, looks for.

If you have an RSS feed, enĀ­sure that you also add a <link> tag with the apĀ­proĀ­priĀ­ate atĀ­tribĀ­utes inĀ­side your <head> tag as folĀ­lows:


The type atĀ­tribute can be eiĀ­ther application/atom+xml or application/rss+xml, deĀ­pendĀ­ing on whether you have an Atom feed or an RSS 1.0/2.0 feed.

The rel atĀ­tribute with a value of alternate, per MDN docs, can mean difĀ­ferĀ­ent things deĀ­pendĀ­ing on its conĀ­text. For an Atom or RSS feed, it says:

If the type is set to apĀ­pliĀ­caĀ­tion/ā€‹rss+xml or apĀ­pliĀ­caĀ­tion/ā€‹atom+xml, the link deĀ­ļ¬nes a synĀ­diĀ­caĀ­tion feed. The ļ¬rst one deĀ­ļ¬ned on the page is the deĀ­fault.

I like to give a comĀ­plete and diĀ­rect URL to my feed, but it is not imĀ­porĀ­tant. If youā€™d like to see how this is done on my site, go ahead and check the page source.