A note on qual­ity

This is a draft” post. If you’re look­ing for an ex­pla­na­tion of what a draft post is do­ing on a pub­lished site, you can find one here.

In short, this post most likely does not meet my high stan­dards — at times, even base­line. It may not be com­plete, have spelling er­rors, etc. I have pub­lished it be­cause I think in some way, as in­signif­i­cant as it could be, you might find it re­source­ful.

I read a post from CSS-Tricks to­day ti­tled ooooops I guess we’re* full-stack de­vel­op­ers now and it res­onated so much with me. I think it would with many of us!

I had also re­cently liked a post by Swizec ti­tled In 2020 what is fron­tend?.

You can see I’ve been ob­sess­ing over this topic lately. As I try to en­ter an (ever) over-sat­u­rated mar­ket of front-end de­vel­op­ers, I’ve been hav­ing an iden­tity crises. You must be fa­mil­iar with the self-es­teem is­sues that can crop up too!

Specializing as a UX Engineer/Developer or a JavaScript Engineer/Developer is a thing now. Or, it has been for a while now, and my hand is forced only just now. The job mar­ket has­n’t caught up. You can usu­ally fig­ure out which breed of front-end de­vel­op­ers they’re look­ing for by delv­ing into the job de­scrip­tion.

I’m un­sure which side I fall on — as I seem to have a bit of both go­ing for me, but if I had to pick one for my next job, I’d be more ex­cited work­ing on UX than on JavaScript. Honestly, lines are blurry; don’t hold me to my word. I think I do en­joy a bit of every­thing at this stage!

I’ve been want­ing to learn Figma, take a UX work­shop, but have been held back think­ing I would­n’t be great at build­ing unique de­signs — and sev­eral of them. On de­mand. I’ve also been want­ing to learn React from scratch, but keep won­der­ing if that’s where I see my long term. It’s some­thing I can do, sure. I might even ex­cel at it with prac­tice — whether it gives me joy is a dif­fer­ent de­bate al­to­gether. Should every phase of web de­vel­op­ment give us joy?

A keen eye would see I no longer self-iden­tify as a front-end de­vel­oper” on my home­page now. It’s just web de­vel­oper.” I’ll ex­plain why.

Recently, I:

My first ever ex­pe­ri­ence with web de­vel­op­ment was­n’t even just the foun­da­tional trio of HTML-CSS-JS. It was PHP/MySQL some ~7 years ago. It was what I felt was a more com­plete web de­vel­op­ment ex­pe­ri­ence for a free­lancer. A ne­ces­sity.

I’ve also had a brush with Ruby on Rails in 2015. Unfortunately, the pro­ject does­n’t have unit-test­ing so it’s a mas­sive task to bring it up to date from v4 to Rails v6. Goes to show how im­por­tant that is for pro­ject main­tain­abil­ity.

Anyway, it seems un­fair to let on the im­pres­sion that I’m a front-end web de­vel­oper when I find web de­vel­oper fits me bet­ter. Full stack? Not so much. In the mod­ern con­text, it seems to me like a ti­tle that would nat­u­rally arise and fit” when you are a front-end web de­vel­oper who dives into and spe­cial­izes in JavaScript web ap­pli­ca­tions.

I started to write this post as a re­ply to CSS-Tricks, which turned into a note, and fi­nally an ar­ti­cle be­cause 3000+ char­ac­ters. Girl do I have opin­ions/​thoughts on this. 🤷‍♀️