August 2022 in review.

Here's August in review. New workplace, coffee, future plans, and such.

8 months down, 4 to go. Like any other year, 2022 is zooming past. Somehow, still, more than ever.

New workplace.

I mentioned about starting a new contract soon when I put up my July 2022 review post.

Well, it has.

While dealing with React and friends isn’t always a joy, can I take a moment to acknowledge that working on user interfaces and delivering a great user experience is something I love so much?! Of course open-source libraries do maybe even like 80% of the heavy lifting, so that’s there. It does allow one to focus on the details, then, which is great for the end-users!

4-day work weeks are a blast. I love that too. Never going back. Well, unless, I have to. I’m also starting (ish) my days with coffee now (unfortunately). Fosstodon rubbed off on me. 😆


Something that struck me an awful much when talking about this new role was the fact that my (now) boss enjoyed using AWS/alternatives because it gave him freedom to do things with just one language and (mostly) just one side of the stack, and even as a one-man team!

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I think that’s going to be helpful to me as well in the future for my side projects. For example, I can’t wait to make something decent with Supabase. I’ll probably pace it though, knowing how things have been in the last few years with burnout and everything.

Big life changes.

A new workplace is a big change, sure, but I’ve had a couple more big events this year (you’ll know if you follow me on my personal Mastodon account), and a couple more to come in the next two years.

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It’s a little bit turbulent period in the scheme of things, and for once, I am looking forward to things. That’s actually quite remarkable!

Losing weight.

Still the biggest mental-space hoarder is my weight loss journey. Had joined the gym for a bit but couldn’t make it stick. I’ll try again soon.

Overall, making slow progress — I’ll get there! 💪🏼

Media consumption.

I’ve been watching Ted Lasso, Westworld, and Chicago Med (which is long enough that despite starting it months ago I’m still aways). All of them are great!

I bought Altered Carbon (the book) but yet to start it. It takes me a bit to get things going, so no sweat. And the best part is I haven’t seen the Netflix series!

Been trying to get back into music a bit, but it’s hard when you don’t have hours to obsess over artists and all the ins and outs of a person/group like you could during your teen years.

See you next month!


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