Automatic blogroll.

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For several months now, I have delayed making my blogroll automatic. One of the argument levelled at blogrolls is that they are tedious to maintain. I agree, and wanted to take some effort out of this process.

In July 2020, Jan automated his blogroll — and this validated the idea in my head. Now, my own blogroll is automated as well!

A key difference is that I have my script mark some feeds as recommended based on their feed IDs from my Miniflux reader. Then, these feeds are shown first as “Recommended Feeds,” followed by all the other feeds in a separate list.

I took this approach because listing 70 feeds does not help a visitor make a judgment on which feeds I really enjoy and which ones I read when I can. Over time, some feeds can languish in my blogroll even though I have stopped reading them; recommending a select few protects me from this kind of rust setting in too quickly.


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