Basic HTML struggles on the wild web.

Pointing out a couple of issues that make for a not-great user experience on the web.

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Two things that frustrate me as a web developer when I see them on the wild web:

  • Being unable to toggle a tick box by clicking/tapping on its label.
    • A label has a much larger surface area for tapping/clicking and keeps things “easy” for everyone.
    • Not to mention it is accessible for people who use accessibility features.
  • Not having the right inputmode or type attribute on an input.
    • This breaks iOS auto-fill for one-time passwords received via SMS.
    • Suddenly I have extra mental load I may or may not have space for. It sure is work for me to use the number row on iOS since it isn’t perma-visible like on Android, and isn’t big and simple like the numpad can be.

I wish we lived in a world where we could care about things like these, but I can only sympathise with developers who have to put a rush on everything and are not even paid a living wage. I don’t feel right accusing anyone of shoddy work when they couldn’t care less… are not paid to care enough.


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