May 2021 in review.

Pink, lilac flowers in a clear vase, on a blue-ish background.

A look back at my May. Sorry, I can’t be bothered with a nicer excerpt. ✨️

ActivityPub on my WordPress!

I’ve held off on using the ActivityPub plugin for a while now, even though I’ve donated a small amount to the developer in the meanwhile. I decided to finally try the plugin today. Since it’s as easy as enabling or disabling the plugin, why not?

Shutting down my Gitea server.

After moving back to GitHub, I had decided to keep my Gitea server up as a fallback. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work.

Moving back to GitHub.

I started self-hosting a gitea instance a few months ago — and now I’m moving back to GitHub. Here’s why.

Makefile is awesome!

Recently having used a Makefile, I implemented one at work. Lower barrier to entry for new and junior developers equals happiness.