Blogroll (noun): A blog­ger's list of hy­per­links to other blogs that he/​she/​they rec­om­mend.

It seems blogrolls are mak­ing a come­back. I didn't have one the last time around they were a thing. This is ex­cit­ing - here's mine! 😀

The list is gen­er­ated di­rectly from my RSS reader, and so, every blog be­low has a feed you can sub­scribe to. I have marked some of them as my fa­vorite — they ap­pear first.

I rec­om­mend Miniflux. Their hosted so­lu­tion costs US$15 a year, and is a great way to sup­port an in­die dev. You are free to self-host as well.

Recommended Feeds

The fol­low­ing are some of my fa­vorite feeds:

All Feeds

Apart from the rec­om­mended feeds above, I fol­low the fol­low­ing blogs:

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