It seems blogrolls are making a comeback. I didn’t have one the last time around they were a thing. This is exciting β€” here’s mine! πŸ˜€

Each blog listed has a feed you can subscribe to. I recommend Miniflux for a feed-reader.

This is not an exhaustive list. I do update this now and then but do not expect the Arch Linux experience (bleeding edge).
My favourite feeds are marked with an asterisk. (*)


Friends I’ve made thanks to the Fediverse:

  • Arpit Batra * β€” a very human and personal blog from a fellow Indian. good to see more of this around the web.
  • Cassidy James β€” works with open software in a meaningful way. has worked with elementaryOS in the past and championed a standardized way for apps and Linux OS to understand dark mode preference (will always have my thanks).
  • Chris Wiegman * β€” engineering manager and speaker prominent in WordPress spaces, writes tech and personal life.
  • Darshak Parikh β€” yet another friend from India. into Linux (elementaryOS specifically, for which he makes apps too!), web development, and pixel art.
  • Kev Quirk β€” an active blogger who posts all sorts of things: tech, bikes, children, pets being the main topics of interest. That’s not it; you’ll also find some detailed tutorials.
  • Mike Stone β€” well-flowing personal notes/opinions on all things open source.
  • Nathan DeGruchy β€” mostly personal but also tech related content sometimes.
  • Nicholas Danes * β€” a friend who, like me, chases things that don’t break all the time and at the same time are not a hammer on his mental health, time, and life.
  • TyChi * β€” pens his journey against Big Tech. very friendly and open to collaborations on anything he vibes with.
  • Veronique * β€” quickly becoming one of my favorite personal/art blogs. I love her honesty and her style of writing (somewhere very neatly between journaling and professional prose).
  • Vincent Tunru β€” very considered thoughts on practices and tools in the tech industry.

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