Cancelling my Plausible Analytics subscription.

A lovely service that I am forced to cancel and self-host on account of no longer being able to pay first-world prices.

This is a part of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

I like Plausible, though I had to recently cancel my subscription after a kind-of-official word that they won’t be able to offer a PPP-based pricing.

I absolutely understand that, and am super thankful they went out, and really figured out if this is something that was viable for them to do. Not all companies do this, and it was definitely delightful to see some action than be offered merely a template email response. This, however, means I’ll self-host it once the billing date knocks late next month.

I have to admit: somewhere in my mind, I knew I was taking a chance on being able to pay US$48/year for more than just a year, and that didn’t quite work out. The part of me that wanted to support Plausible was stronger than the other.

What about an export?

Unfortunately, there is no real export on offer at the moment. The export that is offered is a CSV file that is structured like so:


I don’t care so much for not being able to move between the self-hosted and the cloud version in either direction, but I would have really liked to keep my data stored locally for posterity… even if the self-hosted version gives me a fresh start.

A ray of hope?

They have recently added a Stats API (early access beta), so it’s a race to see how soon it matures and if I’ll have the opportunity to use a community made or an official tool to export proper data using this API.

I would make one myself, but I’m trying not to stretch myself too thin. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Uku Tรคht got in touch with me over Twitter, and we’ll be trying an experimental export-import at some point in the coming weeks. Goes to show how much they care as people! Support their business if you can. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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