A project at work is going from ugly-as-heck to magic. Feeling quite happy as I work through this. ☺️

ActivityPub on my WordPress!

I’ve held off on using the ActivityPub plugin for a while now, even though I’ve donated a small amount to the developer in the meanwhile. I decided to finally try the plugin today. Since it’s as easy as enabling or disabling the plugin, why not?


I was able to spot early signs of burnout, and requested a day off.

linkding browser extension.

An FYI for linkding users that there is a recently released, companion browser extension.

Deep work.

I struggle with deep work. Today, I tried to fight back, and work went well! I’m going to try and cultivate this “focus” more.

1x engineer.

You’ve probably heard of 10x engineer. If you’ve been interneting a while, you may know it became a meme. Well, Tierney Cyren set up a somewhat satirical page called I think that’s pretty neat.

Disabling some features.

Sadly, I’m temporarily disabling a few neat tools in favor of faster builds. Can’t wait for Eleventy 1.0 to release with incremental builds.

Celestial update

Another design overhaul for Celestial this weekend, along with a deployment outside of Heroku. Hopefully everything works well; there didn’t seem to be any errors from my unit-tests (they only go so far!)