Shutting down my Gitea server.

After moving back to GitHub, I had decided to keep my Gitea server up as a fallback. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work.

Moving back to GitHub.

I started self-hosting a gitea instance a few months ago — and now I’m moving back to GitHub. Here’s why.

Makefile is awesome!

Recently having used a Makefile, I implemented one at work. Lower barrier to entry for new and junior developers equals happiness.

Monokai dark theme for Mattermost.

Previewing a theme for Mattermost (Slack alternative) that I worked on over lunch yesterday. It is named ‘Monokai Dark’ and yes – is Monokai inspired. Try it out? 😊

A decentralized package registry.

Is there a solution that allows for decentralization in the package registry space? Is it a good idea, at all?