DroneCI and Gitea

Hmm… in today’s discouraging news, DroneCI does not recommend hosting it and Gitea on the same server using Docker. I guess I’ll stick with Vercel for now, then.

Testing p-summary

I updated my note template, and wonder if it will syndicate the actual content of the note to other platforms now. This is a test note to that effect. If you’re reading this directly on Mastodon/Twitter, it worked!

Nginx to Caddy.

I moved from hand-crafted nginx and certbot configuration to a single Caddyfile. Here’s my quick thoughts.

“How The Web is Really Built”

My thoughts on picking Ember.js for a side project, a tangential rant motivated from an article on CSS-Tricks, “How The Web is Really Built.”

Rootconf: Scaling Zerodha.

Currently attending Rootconf! Interesting to hear about “scaling” — a term used so much I had to kind of see for myself from someone who’s done it. Love that Kailash Nadh is wary of vendor lock-in! 😄


Test note to check if an internal refactor caused any issues or not.

Automated link checker in Celestial.

Quick update on writing a feature for Celestial that I wanted for a really long time – an automated link checker.