GitHub, donations, and Celestial.

Updates around Celestial's development, moving off GitHub, and accepting donations.

Be aware this is a draft post — please adjust your expectations accordingly. Get in touch if this post could use an improvement.

Moving off GitHub

I’m moving Celestial’s primary development away from GitHub, which will only get the occasional pushes from now on. Issues were already imported into the new host a while ago, but the project kanban boards will need to set up manually. I don’t think Gitea supported project boards at the time of import.

Once the project boards are also mirrored manually, I intend to close them as well as all issues from GitHub itself in favor of the new repository holder: Codeberg.

I expect conversation will be severely limited due to the network effect that GitHub has. I don’t think Codeberg solves this deeper issue, but in the medium term, the move is warranted in my opinion and should be worth it.

Link to Codeberg organization and repositories.


I’m also accepting donations on Librepay now — both to help development of Celestial into a more mature product, and for running SmallCamp, my Hometown/Mastodon community. For now, only PayPal is set up and is likely to be that way as I don’t have many options. If you’re in India and would like to make a one-time donation through an alternative payment processor, please drop me an email.

Celestial development update

I’m in the process of breaking my IndieAuth implementation into an independent module that can be used by anyone in the community. You’ve probably seen me tooting about this recently, albeit without any naming.

Any “modules” will stay on TypeScript, whereas the core Celestial app will be migrated to vanilla JavaScript.

While there are more plans and ideas, I’m taking it slow and don’t wish to reveal too much. It causes me to lose motivation because of an invisible pressure out of a written promise to the community.


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