Deleting my DEV and Pixelfed accounts.

Why I have left DEV and deactivated my Pixelfed account.

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This is a part of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

Darshak was pretty spot on about me giving a new meaning to “100 Days To Offload.” Unintentionally (I swear!), that trend seems to continue with me leaving two platforms.


I just never really settled in. I have tweaked their feed settings several times as they added different toggles over the last ~20 months. Honestly? I just never really got the content I wanted. All the posts, post titles, cover pictures, comments, everything seems geared towards farming likes. I can’t stand it, personally.

I’m sure there’s a thriving community in there somewhere, but I spend enough of my energy on the Fedi and that’s anyway more aligned with my principles.

DEV is one more chore, one more profile to maintain. The only time I find myself going there is to make a cross-post from my site, which also sometimes calls for additional work in terms of formatting the content… for no real benefit.

On Pixelfed…

I just don’t share that many images online. I barely post anything on my Instagram, and I feel as though I have nothing to share on my Pixelfed either.

I’m now following the Pixelfed profiles of Mike, Gina, and Erik from my personal Mastodon account. Yay for ActivityPub! 😊

Although I’ve deactivated my account, I like to think I will return to it once a v1.0 release is published. They have been working on tons of cool stuff over the last few months, and I’ll be watching this project with a lot of interest. But, quite simply put at this point in time, I think it’ll be a while before I want to invest my rather limited energy into yet another platform.

Platform fatigue, anyone?


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