🕸️ Elsewhere


Email is clumsy, but still the most universal phenomenon on the web. Plain-text emails are encouraged.

Instant messaging

I’m a huge fan of open protocols. Signal unfortunately does not support usernames, so it takes a miss from this list.

You’re most likely to get a response sooner in that order as well.


I have carved out my online safe space on a personal Mastodon instance. I also keep a public and primarily tech-focused Mastodon account.

In case you don’t have a Fediverse account, my Twitter should make-do. Fair disclosure: I don’t treat it as a first-class citizen in my micro-blogging realm.


I accept donations for SmallCamp through Buy Me A Coffee. I don’t actually like coffee. Perhaps a lesson in branding?

You may also send me a donation if any comment I left somewhere, a blog post I published, or if something I wrote or worked on affected you positively.

If you’d like to avoid extra platform fees and get more money in my hand from whatever you send, please ask for my PayPal over email.

Source code

Primarily, my source code is available on GitHub.

Briefly, I had attempted to use Gitea as my primary and self-hosted git forge.