Write to me at this email address.

Email is clumsy, but still the most universal phenomenon on the web. Plain-text emails are encouraged.


Book a 15 minute slot. Available days are highlighted using a round outline.

Instant messaging

I prefer emails, but if you must instant message… here you go. Do expect lousy response times. Again, email is better!

  • Signal (available on request at my discretion).
  • WhatsApp (available on request at my discretion).
  • XMPP/Jabber.
    I’d recommend Snikket if you want to get started. These are the OMEMO keys that you can trust from me:
    • Phone and tablet: 407947ba b6202bad bd2aa2a6 a8738f92 1d1a7e7e 2ab3f8fc 51e0aa58 4e3c8912
    • Laptop: eb9d5d3e 06e4da7b 02376069 80970ba9 69cffb50 fc52a3d0 f47b933f f989d03a



I have carved out my online safe space on a personal Mastodon instance.


I also keep a public and primarily tech-focused Mastodon account.

In case you don’t have a Fediverse account, my Twitter should make-do. Fair disclosure: I don’t treat it as a first-class citizen in my micro-blogging realm.


Here’s my bandcamp profile. I’m not big on purchasing music here or elsewhere as it’s quite unaffordable to do so for me personally. That said, feel free to gift me anything you like from my wish list. 🙂

Source code

Primarily, my source code is available on GitHub.

Briefly, I had attempted to use Gitea as my primary and self-hosted git forge. Without federation and ability to talk to other Gitea hosts, that turned out to be a bad idea.