Email is nice.

No more moving hosts. No more configuration. So, email feels good again.

I’ve been unsubscribing from intentional/side effect spam (as I like to call it) for months now. It’s almost non-existent now.

My transition to Fastmail (all my domains, plus wildcards) is also done now. I never open any other email client.

I can finally just rest. No more moving hosts. No more configuration. It just works.

I’ve also integrated convenience email discussion links to my posts and my RSS feed here on my site. As do many other people like Kev, Michael Harley, and Marcel Kapfer.

I’m hoping even more people adopt this workflow (you already have a guide for WordPress by Kev and myself!), as it’s so easy to just hit a link and start writing in seconds. I’m more likely to respond to a post because now the barrier to it is so less. No needing to provide context, as it’s already all set by the convenience link. No need to fill the To field. Signature is pre-configured. Post link is added too for posterity and easy reference.

Just write.

And a big part of “just write” is also I sometimes avoid saying “hi” or “hello,” depending on my mood and stress levels. Sorry if that comes across as rude!

I’ve had a mindset shift where I view emails as something in between traditional mail/letters and the modern-day instant messaging platforms.

  • To me, a thread is simply a conversation where nobody feels pressured to get back quickly, or judged if they take too long.
    • This is probably my favourite aspect.
  • Salutations and signatures are completely optional.
  • Tiny signatures are best.
  • Both plain text and HTML is great (at least in 1:1s and when used responsibly)!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.


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