Feed changes

Be aware this is a draft post — please adjust your expectations accordingly. Get in touch if this post could use an improvement.

Just a quick announcement:

I have added likes, replies, reposts and RSVPs to my microblog. My all-content feed (the one you likely follow from within your RSS reader) contains all of this. Despite this change, I do not think this feed will get overwhelming given how infrequently I post.

Anything that is not an article will be prefaced with its post type. For example, a like will appear as “Like: post-title-here” and a reply will appear as “Reply: post-title-here.” This will allow you to skip micro-posts quite quickly if a certain kind of post type doesn’t interest you.

However, if you’d like to subscribe only to specific feeds anyway, for example the articles and the notes feed, that is possible. See the Follow My Blog page for all the available feeds.


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