A list of RSS 2.0 and mi­cro­for­mats2 feeds that my blog pro­vides.

RSS 2.0 Feeds

You may ei­ther copy the link to a feed from here and add it to your RSS feed reader of choice, or sim­ply en­ter my site ad­dress - https://rusingh.com/ - and let your feed reader sug­gest the same feeds au­to­mat­i­cally.

No con­tent or ma­te­r­ial in these feeds is nec­es­sar­ily an en­dorse­ment by it­self, un­less I ex­plic­ity say so.

mi­cro­for­mats2 Feeds

If you use an IndieWeb reader (based on the Microsub spec), the fol­low­ing feeds will be help­ful to you. As a quick way to get started, I would sug­gest fol­low­ing the Articles and Microblogging feeds.

If your reader sup­ports rel="h-feed" page head­ers, you may sim­ply write https://rusingh.com/ as a source and you will be sug­gested all of the fol­low­ing feeds.

Please note I am yet to test if these work 100% cor­rectly.

This page was last up­dated on 1 September 2020.