What is this…”RSS?”

Don’t know what RSS is? About Feeds by Matt Webb is an excellent resource.

Use web feeds to subscribe to websites and get the latest content in one place.

Feeds put you in control. It’s like subscribing to a podcast, or following a company on Facebook. You don’t need to pay or hand over your email address. You get the latest content without having to visit lots of sites, and without cluttering up your inbox. Had enough? Easy: unsubscribe from the feed.

You just need a special app called a newsreader. A newsreader app feels a little like an email app, in that there is an inbox of all the latest content, or like Facebook in that there is a newsfeed from many different sources.

Think this is too obscure? No, no, not at all. Ashlee Boyer, Sara Soueidan, Max Böck use it and love it — just to name a few. Why won’t you? 😊

Too hard? Let me get you set up.

I self-host Miniflux. If all of this is overwhelming, I can set up a new user for you on my Miniflux app free of cost. That way, you can get started easily.

I, however, make no guarantees on uptime or data backups. Even if my record is 100% uptime so far. 😊

Get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

Feed links.

Primary feed from this blog.

I provide a single feed. This includes posts belonging to any category, present or future. This is the simplest and easiest way for both of us.

Specialized feeds from this blog.

Mix and match.

You may also subscribe selectively, although I tend to change things around a bit and cannot promise future HTTP redirects:


I microblog on my public and private Mastodon accounts. You can follow me on there if you have a Mastodon account.

Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the RSS feeds to my public posts: