GitHub to Codeberg to… Gitea?

Quick thoughts on why I set up a Gitea server of my own and if it's time to look to more open/standards-based collaboration tools.

I have set up a Gitea server for myself at With Tyler Childs, Robby Zambito, and Jan-Lukas Else already doing so, I did not feel like this was a radical move for me to make.

Initially, I had picked Codeberg as an in-between offering a balance of decentralization and community. I do think Gitea servers tend to be lonely islands, which is why I’m still on the fence about my own. It’s also worth noting I have in fact found community on GitHub which I never thought I would. Frankly, I’m unsure where this will go, but I wanted to get it set up and see what I do with it over time.

This might also be a good time to look into git mirrors and an email based workflow for contributions, as issues/PRs/labels are almost impossible to mirror between different git servers past an initial migration.


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