GMail to Outlook.

Gmail on Android doesn't treat IMAP accounts very well. I installed and tried another app -- and I'm happy with it so far!

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I had been using the Gmail client on my Android phone because the user experience is not compromised in any significant way, at least speaking relatively. I would like to use a FOSS client, but I’ve found too many focus on functionality and not design and/or UX.

Still, Gmail has one major problem though: on accounts working through IMAP, you lose the Swipe to Archive gesture. This is pretty annoying as I’ve got two accounts working through IMAP. They receive a bulk of my actionable email and my default action is to archive email. This is a problem.

Finally, I decided to install and try Outlook. It lets me customize the swipe actions and doesn’t lock me out from a first-party experience just because it isn’t a Microsoft/Outlook email account. In fact, it feels better designed than Gmail and I think I’m going to stick with it.


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