Three-year-old gem of a GNOME extension.

A small post on my new workflow and appreciation for the GNOME extension 'Workspace Scroll'.

This is a part of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

I’ve recently moved back to a workflow more similar to vanilla GNOME than to Windows.

Full-screen screenshot of a GNOME desktop. Dash to Dock sits at the bottom, whereas the defalt top bar occupies the top space. The wallpaper is of a calm, cloudy evening, where the colors indicate the sun has almost set.
The dock takes up its space permanently, not hiding down when a window is maximized.

Dash to Panel is amazing, but the biggest reason I stuck with it was that I could scroll on the empty space, and it’d switch the workspace. Yay, shortcuts!

But I missed this; I missed the defaults with a sprinkling of Dash to Dock.

A little bit of searching unearths Workspace Scroll. Now I get to have the default(-ish) workflow and get a nice scroll-to-switch-workspace action.

What floors me is that it doesn’t scroll multiple workspaces if I perform a scroll from my touchpad. With Dash To Panel, my mouse scroll was perfect, but a touchpad scroll would quickly take me to either the top or the bottom workspace, skipping all the ones in between.

This is a common issue with touchpad scrolling in a lot of apps/extensions.

Workspace Scroll doesn’t suffer from this issue. It scrolls just one workspace in either direction, from both the touchpad and the mouse.

Great little extension. 10/10.


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