This is a big step for me actually and kinda scary. It’s so… unfinished, it almost hurts.

Thanks to all the great folks here who continue to inspire me.

I couldn’t possibly make a complete list but some who immediately come to mind are:

@neauoire @kev @freedcreative @celia @aral @ritualdust @Cheeseness @joel @sejo

There are so many more…

iooioio, 15 January 2022 on Fosstodon after starting their own digital garden.



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Check out Ru Singh. AFAIK, she’s from India too and is not strictly and exclusively for FLOSS but is focused on privacy and open software. She still works in the “evil industry” because, well, she needs to survive. No one is forcing you to do something you don’t want to but in order to do some good things, you’ll need to in this day and age also do some bad things if we’re talking about FLOSS.

dusansimic, reddit, 22 November 2021, in response to someone from India wondering if they’re ruining their career.


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Photo by Kae Anderson on Unsplash.

Um, write great content? 👍️

Kev Quirk, 25 September, in response to me wondering what I did to get ~26,400 page views.

I love your blog and your open source ethos. Huge fan of you!

Pavithra Kodmad, 9 September, in response to me fangirling to being quote-tweeted by her.


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if we had circles, you’re in the best friend circle.

TyChi, 31 August

Please just keep being humane 🙂 Never know what is going on in their life. I’m sure I’ve missed some emails applying to the hundreds of jobs I have applied to. Tell you what though, I remember every company that I’ve gotten past the first round in who has then ghosted me. Don’t be that person 🙂

Ryan, 15 August, in response to me feeling let down by people while trying to be transparent and helpful.