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I do not enjoy syndicating my notes to Fosstodon or Twitter. In my opinion, an ugly backlink at the end of every post makes for a not-so-native experience on either platform. I would even go so far as to say that the account at first glance might seem like a spam bot!

For to omit such links, I need to add syndication links to each of my note with the class u-syndication. This is possible only where the Micropub server syndicates content and gives me the links and not when is the one syndicating it after the note is published.

At the moment, IndieKit does not support this, although the readme hints it might be added in the future.

Until then, I may opt to write notes without syndicating them, and continue to use Fosstodon and Twitter as I was – publishing natively to Fosstodon and Moa cross-posting to Twitter. The best place to read my notes then would be to subscribe to my all-content feed or my notes feed.

Postr by grantcodes looks like a very interesting project and I may opt to use it – if I can find the time. With my weekdays completely booked, I doubt this will materialize any time soon.


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