This section is a reverse-chronological story-style write-up of where I have been since I got into tech.

Late 2020-Present

Professionally, I had started a long-term contract late in 2020 as a generalist web developer; this continues to date.

I’m dabbling across the entire stack… front-end, back-end, system administration, and developer operations, and even working across two ecosystems — JavaScript and Python. Currently, my primary project involves Django.

Additionally, I left the IndieWeb and moved back to WordPress early in 2021. This also led me to making Mastodon my primary microblogging endpoint, and while I miss the IndieWeb and its community, I’m happier for my decisions.

I also participated in #100DaysToOffload with 43 posts to my name. After this, I called it a day.


I spent a significant amount of time playing with:


I took up some WordPress projects as I needed a change of scenery, and took some time out to take care of my mental health.

This year, I also joined Fosstodon (a Mastodon community geared towards free and open source software enthusiasts), a small part of a larger, decentralized microblogging network called the Fediverse.

I also began self-hosting a bunch of tools via Docker.

Based on my experiences writing my own static site, I wrote a starter kit for Eleventy called Smix Eleventy Starter.

Unrelated, I also authored the first iteration of Bill My Pocket. You can see the live statistics/analytics here.


My journey started me out as a front-end developer with React.js. This was back when ES6 JavaScript Components were a thing.

I spent 17 months working with just the core concepts — no CSS-in-JS and no Redux. We did perfectly well and to be honest, I had a ton of fun working on the UI layer. 🙂

Meanwhile, I put together a handbook for my fellow freelancers in India based on my own experiences. You can also see the live statistics/analytics here.


This was an interesting year, and perhaps my first go at trying to be self-sufficient, and getting a taste of what I later found out I would end up doing full-time.

I started a self-owned web development and web design firm (What?!).

We rendered technical services to societies and individuals in my university. I was responsible for handling customer-facing interaction and contractual negotiations, along with engineering and design tasks.