June 2022 in review.

A look back at June 2022 and a check-in of sorts.

The weather.

May and June are terrible months in India. Heatwave after heatwave, too, this time around. Glad it’s done.

Climate change is so very real.

On blogging.

It’s been a quiet month. I made a grand total of 1 marvelous post this month — and that was a photo-blog.

More recently, spoke about this on Mastodon. Expect things to be quiet for a while.

I started a secret blog but I’m still deliberating on the specifics. While I 100% expect this blog will be read by potential employers and whatnot, that feels burdensome. I want another safe space. Somewhere in between an open blog and a private Mastodon account.

On missing a month again.

I missed February 2022 this year, and chose to skip May 2022 as well. This suits me well, really. Sometimes it’s too hard to look back, or I’m just too tired mentally to get one in on time.

On Django and the future.

It is possible The Big Project @ work has been shelved. It was being authored in Django. And all of this is probably for the best.

On that note, I’ve been feeling a bit excited to do some Javascript again. Yeah, I hate what React.js represents and how screwed up that whole ecosystem is, but do I have the luxury?

A YouTube comment I read on one of Fireship‘s videos recently:

React’s most useful feature is that it can pay the bills.

A YouTube viewer

I never really looked at Next.js before, but that seems interesting and a couple of steps in the right direction.


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