I write IndieWeb posts here — which is some re­ally cool stuff, okay? These are gen­er­ally posted us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of Celestial and Indiekit.


I con­fig­ured my note tem­plate to use the p-summary mi­cro­for­mats prop­erty. I won­der if it will syn­di­cate the ac­tual con­tent of the note to other plat­forms now. There's only one way to know…


Caddy had been on my wish­list for a while, but I didn't want to break some­thing that worked fine. I de­cided to change that to­day: in un­der 30 min­utes, I was able to go from a con­vo­luted ng­inx con­fig main­tained by hand and glued with other tools like certbot, to a ten line long Caddyfile es­sen­tially do­ing the same thing.

I no longer need to worry about HTTPS cer­tifi­cates (generation or re­newal), and fine-tun­ing the se­cu­rity con­fig. The do­main on which I self-host a bunch of tools scores a 115/130 on Mozilla's Observatory af­ter this change. Although that's a bit less than be­fore, it's a mas­sive im­prove­ment given I in­vested 0 sec­onds con­fig­ur­ing the se­cu­rity bits.

Perhaps now I will get around to my self-host wish­list soon…


I had re­cently posted on Mastodon about want­ing to learn and use Ember.js for a side-pro­ject. The re­sponses were very sim­i­lar at first: folks ask­ing me why I wanted to learn Ember.js when ABC frame­work or li­brary was more pop­u­lar, or better,” which I think is a very loaded and sub­jec­tive term. Or, you know, that Ember.js' mo­ment/​time/​train is long gone.

That's ex­actly the thing for this side-pro­ject — I am not look­ing to get on any train, or use a cool-new-tech. ReactJS and its ecosys­tem — for ex­am­ple — are a main­te­nance headache, whereas what I'm seek­ing is sta­bil­ity and con­ven­tions.

Ember.js, at least on pa­per, of­fers that. It's in­cor­po­rated a lot of ideas for com­mon prob­lems. Consequently, it fits my needs. I don't need to be opin­ion­ated to de­velop in Ember - I can look at the doc­u­men­ta­tion and to its com­mu­nity to fig­ure out what's the best way to solve any and every prob­lem. It does come with its bag­gage, but that's a trade-off I have to un­der­stand and make for my­self.

It's eye-open­ing and a good re­minder that the an­swer to every­thing is not React/Angular. Or client-side JavaScript web apps, as far as that goes. Not to give the Mastodon folks a bad rep, they were very un­der­stand­ing once I ex­plained my rea­sons. 😄

How The Web is Really Built by Lea Verou on CSS-Tricks


A screenshot of full-screen video conferencing app Zoom, where the CTO of Zerodha is talking about the scale they work at.

Currently at­tend­ing Rootconf! Interesting to hear about scaling” — a term used so much I had to kind of see for my­self from some­one who's done it. Love that Kailash Nadh is wary of ven­dor lock-in! 😄


If this goes through, I was suc­cess­ful in port­ing the IndieAuth stuff into an in­de­pen­dent mod­ule.

Publishing, too, works de­spite the big dele­tion spree I just went on be­cause of code be­ing re­dun­dant.