I write IndieWeb posts here -- which is some really cool stuff, okay? These are generally posted using a combination of Celestial and Indiekit.


Hmm... in today's discouraging news, DroneCI does not recommend hosting it and Gitea on the same server using Docker. I guess I'll stick with Vercel for now, then.


I configured my note template to use the p-summary microformats property. I wonder if it will syndicate the actual content of the note to other platforms now. There's only one way to know...


Caddy had been on my wishlist for a while, but I didn't want to break something that worked fine. I decided to change that today: in under 30 minutes, I was able to go from a convoluted nginx config maintained by hand and glued with other tools like certbot, to a ten line long Caddyfile essentially doing the same thing.

I no longer need to worry about HTTPS certificates (generation or renewal), and fine-tuning the security config. The domain on which I self-host a bunch of tools scores a 115/130 on Mozilla's Observatory after this change. Although that's a bit less than before, it's a massive improvement given I invested 0 seconds configuring the security bits.

Perhaps now I will get around to my self-host wishlist soon...


I had recently posted on Mastodon about wanting to learn and use Ember.js for a side-project. The responses were very similar at first: folks asking me why I wanted to learn Ember.js when ABC framework or library was more popular, or "better," which I think is a very loaded and subjective term. Or, you know, that Ember.js' moment/time/train is long gone.

That's exactly the thing for this side-project -- I am not looking to get on any train, or use a cool-new-tech. ReactJS and its ecosystem -- for example -- are a maintenance headache, whereas what I'm seeking is stability and conventions.

Ember.js, at least on paper, offers that. It's incorporated a lot of ideas for common problems. Consequently, it fits my needs. I don't need to be opinionated to develop in Ember - I can look at the documentation and to its community to figure out what's the best way to solve any and every problem. It does come with its baggage, but that's a trade-off I have to understand and make for myself.

It's eye-opening and a good reminder that the answer to everything is not React/Angular. Or client-side JavaScript web apps, as far as that goes. Not to give the Mastodon folks a bad rep, they were very understanding once I explained my reasons. 😄

How The Web is Really Built by Lea Verou on CSS-Tricks


A screenshot of full-screen video conferencing app Zoom, where the CTO of Zerodha is talking about the scale they work at.

Currently attending Rootconf! Interesting to hear about "scaling" -- a term used so much I had to kind of see for myself from someone who's done it. Love that Kailash Nadh is wary of vendor lock-in! 😄