I struggle with deep work. I think many of us do. There are so many buzz-buzz happening... on my laptop, phone, and even elsewhere. Yes, I just made a new phrase: buzz-buzz.

Today, I turned on my desktop's Do Not Disturb mode, quit all IM apps (mainly just XMPP 😉), practiced restraint on opening fedi (except for tooting tech related vents or asking for help), and guess what? Work went well!

I even began my day by half-forcing myself to sit through a forty-minute-long YouTube video before starting work at the usual time. It was enjoyable!

I'm going to try and cultivate this "focus" more.


You've probably heard of 10x engineer. If you've been interneting a while, you may know it became a meme.

Well, Tierney Cyren set up a somewhat satirical page called

I think that's pretty neat.


Read a post by Asko Nõmm this morning, and I know something about it is going to stick with me all day.

If not longer.


I've decided to temporarily disable responsive and lazy loading images from my site, so I can get faster builds. I've also disabled typeset, which is another time-consuming task. Eleventy 1.0 will launch with support for incremental builds, which would be nice. Until then, I can let go of these three features.

I'm also working super-slowly on removing TailwindCSS -- which is a bundle of time-consuming tasks -- and relying solely on future-proof, vanilla CSS using PostCSS. This will take time and is not something I can flick on/off.

Just to be clear, all three will absolutely make a return on this site! I'm a big, big fan of what they bring to the table in terms of performance and visual appeal.


Another design overhaul for Celestial this weekend, along with a deployment outside of Heroku. Hopefully everything works well; there didn't seem to be any errors from my unit-tests (they only go so far!)


Lists is an underrated feature on Mastodon. Directly engaging with 200 people is hard (that's the number of interesting people I follow). Lists make it so much easier to catch up with whomever I actually want to catch up with at the time.


Hmm... in today's discouraging news, DroneCI does not recommend hosting it and Gitea on the same server using Docker. I guess I'll stick with Vercel for now, then.


Can we possibly, please, just stop using WhatsApp now?


I configured my note template to use the p-summary microformats property. I wonder if it will syndicate the actual content of the note to other platforms now. There's only one way to know...


Caddy had been on my wishlist for a while, but I didn't want to break something that worked fine. I decided to change that today: in under 30 minutes, I was able to go from a convoluted nginx config maintained by hand and glued with other tools like certbot, to a ten line long Caddyfile essentially doing the same thing.

I no longer need to worry about HTTPS certificates (generation or renewal), and fine-tuning the security config. The domain on which I self-host a bunch of tools scores a 115/130 on Mozilla's Observatory after this change. Although that's a bit less than before, it's a massive improvement given I invested 0 seconds configuring the security bits.

Perhaps now I will get around to my self-host wishlist soon...