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I browse the web a lot, and rely on apps and ser­vices a lot. It is not un­com­mon to come across phrases like just $5/month” or only $4/month” — and I roll my eyes each time.

I had cre­ated a sta­tic site a while ago called Bill My Pocket that aimed to show how dis­crim­i­na­tory these prices are when you take into ac­count the con­cept of pur­chas­ing power par­ity. PPP is not per­fect in re­al­ity, so I only use Bill My Pocket as a quick barom­e­ter.

Currently, I'm con­sid­er­ing can­celling my sub­scrip­tion of Standard Notes and have al­ready ex­pressed in­ter­est in self-host­ing Plausible Analytics. I'm also due to can­cel my YNAB sub­scrip­tion — be­cause US$84/year is sim­ply out­ra­geous money.

Paying ~36 EUR and tak­ing on the headache of main­tain­ing a VPS with sev­eral ser­vices is far more prefer­able to me than pay­ing US$48 or US$60 per year for a bun­dle of ser­vices each.

For con­text, if I paid US$60 each per year for just 5 ser­vices, I'd have paid the equiv­a­lent of one month's rent and main­te­nance in a well-kept so­ci­ety in the sil­i­con val­ley of India. A month's rent!

On the flip side, even a small busi­ness like Migadu when they de­cided to charge money, they set a price that much of the de­vel­op­ing world could af­ford too: US$19/year. Miniflux sim­i­larly charges just US$15/year.

If you have the priv­i­lege of sit­ting in meet­ings where a pric­ing model is chalked out, please con­sider that there is a world out­side of the US and much of Europe. At the same time, it is true you owe noth­ing to any­one. You don't have to talk this idea down — just con­sider it and dis­card it if it doesn't fit your busi­ness model.



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meduz' on

@celia So much this. And even from Western Europe, ba­si­cally there are a lot ser­vices hav­ing their pric­ing clearly tai­lored for the US rich peo­ple.

(It’s es­pe­cially hard from fuck­ing Belgium, the coun­try with the higher taxes for in­di­vid­u­als.)

Zan :elementary: on

@celia I agree with you that we are all sub­scribed to too many ser­vices that we don't need. I have a list of all of my ser­vices I'm sub­scribed to and I con­stantly reval­u­ate their value.


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