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I had been us­ing the Gmail client on my Android phone be­cause the user ex­pe­ri­ence is not com­pro­mised in any sig­nif­i­cant way, at least speak­ing rel­a­tively. I would like to use a FOSS client, but I've found too many fo­cus on func­tion­al­ity and not de­sign and/​or UX.

Still, Gmail has one ma­jor prob­lem though: on ac­counts work­ing through IMAP, you lose the Swipe to Archive ges­ture. This is pretty an­noy­ing as I've got two ac­counts work­ing through IMAP. They re­ceive a bulk of my ac­tion­able email and my de­fault ac­tion is to archive email. This is a prob­lem.

Finally, I de­cided to in­stall and try Outlook. It lets me cus­tomize the swipe ac­tions and doesn't lock me out from a first-party ex­pe­ri­ence just be­cause it isn't a Microsoft/Outlook email ac­count. In fact, it feels bet­ter de­signed than Gmail and I think I'm go­ing to stick with it.



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Airikr on

@celia If you haven't tested it be­fore, FairEmail are a very good email client for Android. I've been us­ing it for maybe 2 years and have grown fond in the lack of de­sign. It's sim­ple, yet pow­er­ful.

I was just like you a few years back. But since I am think­ing about the pri­vacy con­cerns in al­most every email clients out there, I've got used to FairEmail. It has been a bumpy ride, but I use it every day now.