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Caddy had been on my wish­list for a while, but I didn't want to break some­thing that worked fine. I de­cided to change that to­day: in un­der 30 min­utes, I was able to go from a con­vo­luted ng­inx con­fig main­tained by hand and glued with other tools like certbot, to a ten line long Caddyfile es­sen­tially do­ing the same thing.

I no longer need to worry about HTTPS cer­tifi­cates (generation or re­newal), and fine-tun­ing the se­cu­rity con­fig. The do­main on which I self-host a bunch of tools scores a 115/130 on Mozilla's Observatory af­ter this change. Although that's a bit less than be­fore, it's a mas­sive im­prove­ment given I in­vested 0 sec­onds con­fig­ur­ing the se­cu­rity bits.

Perhaps now I will get around to my self-host wish­list soon…

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