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In re­ply to https://​​word­press-cre­ator-vs-the-jam­stack/:

I'll agree with you on all counts. I (mostly) en­joy my sta­tic site at the mo­ment, plus it helps that the whole work­flow is free (which is su­per im­por­tant to me).

Static sites too can get un­wieldy, just like any CMS to be hon­est, but the level of ab­strac­tion is far, far less com­pared to some­thing like WordPress or Ghost. The con­trol I have is nice to­day, but what hap­pens when I no longer have the time or in­cli­na­tion to main­tain a big pud­dle of APIs and a bunch of mov­ing parts?

I par­tic­u­larly like Ghost and re­cently rec­om­mended it to a friend. It costs ₹/month to run but my headache is pretty much re­duced to back­ups and up­grades, and the odd un­usual fea­ture re­quest which I'd have to write man­u­ally. I don't mind.

Another friend is mov­ing to Ghost (to be fair, from some­thing like Medium) as well even though they are tech­ni­cally com­pe­tent. They'd like to fo­cus on con­tent, not babysit­ting the setup. And I com­pletely get it!

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