My new Miniflux and Pocket reading workflow.

My new keyboard-driven workflow for Miniflux. I enjoy it as it doesn't overwhelm me easily.

This is a part of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

This is keyboard-driven, and Miniflux makes that possible. See? It’s a great piece of software if it works for you.

A step-by-step guide.

A preview of Miniflux, taken from its marketing/landing site.
  1. Open Miniflux (of course!) The ‘Unread’ page should open; perfect.
  2. Select the first item by pressing either n or the right arrow key.
  3. Open it to begin the workflow journey. Press o and Miniflux’s fantastic reading UI awaits you.
    • If you want to read this post now, do so.
    • If you want to read it later, save it. This would be done with the s key. *
    • In case you want the article to be left on unread and not saved either, mark it as unread with the m key.
    • Go to the next item with the n key and repeat.

* Save is configured to automatically send the article to Pocket, which I can use on-the-go on my mobile phone. And of course, Pocket works offline. ☺️

Video demonstration.

You can see a video demonstration below.

Before: overwhelmed. (Okay fine, that’s scripted!)
After: one by one, we’ll cross the bridge. Unread, save, read, we move along.

My thoughts on this so far.

I found this a lot easier than marking-as-read from the main list, which is so information dense that I get very overwhelmed — and very quickly, too. There are usually about 6-7 items in a single “screen.” With my new workflow, I only have to deal with one item at a time, and each item gets marked as read by default.

That works well for me, since there are usually a lot of entries from the domestic news feeds I follow, and a lot of them don’t interest me. While I block a good chunk of those, many are too generic to try to block. It might also filter out news that might be important sometimes, but not always.

Another small benefit is that I open Miniflux less this way (and that’s ideal). In the last two days, I have definitely noticed a decrease.

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