New Miniflux release.

Two reasons why this release is my favorite of this nifty RSS reader.

This is a part of the 100 Days To Offload challenge.

Miniflux is my kind of thing. With the following two features in its v2.0.32 release, this is probably my favorite so far.

* Added the ability to mark an entire category as read in the web ui
* Added option to hide categories from the global unread list

Miniflux 2.0.32

For context, I made a bookmarklet that I could use that would hide all news items from the Unread list. Inconvenient, but a problem solved is a problem solved.

Now, I no longer need to have JavaScript hacks to hide domestic and international news from my unread feed.

This release makes following YouTube channels viable, too, now. I’m also in the process of adding back and enabling YouTube feeds I disabled or removed before, for example.

In conclusion, my unread list will now be the same on both mobile and laptop — and be useful to scroll through. I’m already seeing so many posts from people I actually care about reading from that I didn’t see before. 🚀

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