Disabling some features.

Sadly, I'm temporarily disabling a few neat tools in favor of faster builds. Can't wait for Eleventy 1.0 to release with incremental builds.

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I’ve decided to temporarily disable responsive and lazy loading images from my site, so I can get faster builds. I’ve also disabled typeset, which is another time-consuming task. Eleventy 1.0 will launch with support for incremental builds, which would be nice. Until then, I can let go of these three features.

I’m also working super-slowly on removing TailwindCSS — which is a bundle of time-consuming tasks — and relying solely on future-proof, vanilla CSS using PostCSS. This will take time and is not something I can flick on/off.

Just to be clear, all three will absolutely make a return on this site! I’m a big, big fan of what they bring to the table in terms of performance and visual appeal.


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